How do we ensure the quality of production

The necessary detection in the processing of wire harness is indispensable in wire harness processing factory, which can effectively control the quality of wire harness. In every link of the processing of wire harness, it is necessary to do a good job in the technical specification, which is beneficial to the quality of the wire harness processing products.

In the production process, the appearance and performance inspection of wire harness are arranged, which not only ensures the smooth production, but also ensures the quality of wire harness. Strictly control every link of processing and production, so that the quality of wire harness to meet customer requirements.

To a certain extent, the detection and measurement methods adopted in the wire harness processing factory can effectively ensure that the wire harness processing in each link, controls the production quality from the source, improves the failure rate of the wire harness processing, and does a good job in the real high efficiency and high quality production. In the process of wire harness processing, its polyethylene material has very excellent Rheological properties. In general, good polyethylene has uniform and stable melting index, which is suitable for different beam diameters in the process of use, so that it can effectively achieve a certain extrusion speed and effectively stabilize its extrusion flow rate, which can effectively ensure the integrity of product geometry and appearance.

In the production process of wire harness processing factory, it is necessary to do a good job in quality inspection and management, arrange inspection and test stations, so as to improve the quality of wire harness processing products.

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