Application of Led Terminal Wire harnesses

With the development of LED lighting product technology, the quality of led terminal wires is also constantly maturing. In our lives, we can often see a variety of light shows. The night lights in a city are also so spectacular. Now the lamp quality is good, its replacement cycle also becomes longer, and the long life of LEDs will definitely have an impact on the industry, just as the LED terminal wire industry may not need so many manufacturers in the future.

At present, led terminal wires are widely used in the lighting industry. Let’s talk about the application of pcb screw terminal products: mainly used in lighting, communications, security and other industries. The requirements of this series have higher torque requirements for screws when crimping.

Nowadays, the market technology of LED terminal wires is already in a mature stage, and the quality requirements are relatively high. Therefore, when using terminal wires, you must choose high-quality and appropriate terminal wires, otherwise it will easily cause short circuit, leakage, breakdown, low insulation resistance and other poor insulation phenomenon.

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